The succulent ebony milf.

Pumpkin Head

Cece Hoover gives a Halloween treat with her pumpkin head blow job.

I love Halloween, and dressing up. I had this idea of dressing as a ghoul with a pumpkin head that gives blow jobs, and sucks the sperm juices from her victims. I wanted to offer one of my deep sloppy blow jobs as a Halloween treat for my special guy friends. I searched everywhere, and finally found this scary pumpkin mask. I had to make a hole in it so the guys could stick their dicks in my mouth.

Thick lipped Cece Hoover gives a Halloween treat to a cock with her orange lips.

After I scared the shit out of them, and removed the mask, they got a very succulent Halloween treat with my thick orange lips wrapped around their cock as I gave them head. It is one of my tricks, to give a guy a Halloween treat he will never forget.

Cece Hoover gives head to a white cock as her Halloween treat.

Another trick, and treat, is using my serpentine tongue to take control of my victim. They succumb to my enchanting oral prowess and I take control of their sexual being. Not to mention, that they give me their sexual nectar.

Long tongue black milf gives succulent blowjob.

Give a guy good head, and you own them! They will always be enslaved to your captivating oral expertise. Trust me! My cock sucking skills have subjugated many a man.

Cum sucking Halloween bitch.

Make sure you check-out my Halloween Pumpkin Head video. You will see one of my deep sloppy blow jobs with a Halloween twist. It is treat, with all my cock sucking tricks.

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