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Sharing Cock

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I have a bisexual girlfriend that loves to eat pussy and suck cock. I told her about my shoots and she wanted to try it. She has never given head to a white dick and wanted to join me in doing a blow job threesome. I sent my photographer her photos and he was impressed with her thick full lips and natural boobs, so he agreed to do the shoot. Knowing him, he just wanted to get his dick sucked by two thick lipped chicks.

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My girlfriend and I sucked face and swapped tongues before we took turns licking each other’s pussy. I am proud to say that my pussy eating talents are equal to my dick sucking talents. My serpentine tongue and succulent lips will make any woman scream with intense pleasure when I eat her pussy. This time was no exception! I spread her legs and worked my magic on her pussy. It wasn’t long before her body was writhing with intense spasms as I drove my long tongue deep into her pussy.

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I went first sucking dick. My girlfriend watched and assisted. I am a expert at giving head, so her assistance wasn’t really necessary, but she forced my head down on the white cock so it went deep in my throat. I knew she couldn’t wait for her turn, as she observed, and facilitated me giving one of my deep sloppy blowjobs. I decided to stop monopolize the cock we were sharing and let her fulfill her fantasy of sucking a white dick.

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My friend got on her knees and took the white cock between her thick ebony lips. I grabbed her big black tits, and watched, as she began driving the cock in her mouth. She grabbed his legs so she could be in control, and only allowing him to go as deep as she wanted. She knew her blowjob talent was in her succulent lips and wanted to work the head of his dick with her lips.

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After she had her fantasy fulfilled, we both sucked dick together. But, being the cum slut I am, I wanted to finish the job and took over as she watched. My oral talents were rewarded with a load of cum. Some in my mouth, and the rest on my lips and face. My friend and I sucked face, sharing the warm cum. Make sure you check-out the video clip.

Ms. Hoover Spunked

Secretary, Ms. Hoover, is getting ready to give her boss good service.

Secretaries have very demanding jobs requiring them to service all their bosses needs. The job just isn’t answering the phone and typing. It requires a woman to have excellent interpersonal talents, and sometimes, very special talents. A good secretary knows what her bosses needs are, and will do whatever it takes to satisfy those needs.

Ms. Hoover has thick, succulent, red lips. Perfect for servicing cock.

When you have succulent lips and a craving for giving head, like I do, it is a definite plus when you want to give your boss good service. Getting a deep sloppy blowjob at lunch time is a fantastic stress reliever for a boss. A happy boss makes for a good boss!

Cece Hoover wraps her serpentine tongue around a white cock.

Then there is my tongue! With my serpentine tongue, and my succulent lips, no man, or boss, has ever been disappointed with my cock sucking abilities. I can deep throat, and I love having my face and big tits covered in warm sticky cum.

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There is nothing more satisfying, and orgasmic for me, then receiving the spunk from a guys dick after I have given him a deep sloppy head. It makes my pussy get all creamy when a guy shoots his load on my boobs and pierced nipples.

Cece Hoover is covered in jizz after sucking dick.

I am the perfect secretary! I know how to give good service to my men, and my women. My oral services are not limited to men. I give good pussy service too. A good sextretary needs to be versatile. Make sure you check-out my jizz blasted, dick sucking videos.

Tonguing Cock

Cece Hoover's succulent lips and big tits.

I am back for more big tit, long tongue, cock sucking action. I am a black BBW that is very comfortable with my body, and I love sex. There are many ways I can please a guy. My big natural tits, with pierced nipples are perfect for a titty fuck. I crave the feel of warm sticky cum sprayed on my soft boobs and erect nipples. Did I mention that sucking dick is my favorite? I am damn good at it too! I also have long, meaty, labia lips that wrap around a cock when I get fucked, or, a guy or girl eats my pussy.

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If you are a fan of thick ebony woman, I am a black milf with voluptuous legs, and a firm, but soft booty. I enjoy showing off my sexy legs in a short skirt and high heels when I spend an evening out at the club. When I am out for an evening of partying in a tight revealing outfit, I always get offers to enjoy a night of sexual debauchery, from both men and women. Well?… Maybe it is just my bubbly and highly sexual personality that is a turn-on. HeHe!

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Guys love my thick succulent lips wrapped around their cock, and how I use my long tongue to stimulate the underside of their dick when I give them deep sloppy head. I have a passion for sucking a hard cock, and being covered in cum. Giving an excellent deep sloppy blowjob with my thick luscious lips, and serpentine tongue gets me what I crave. Cum!

Cece Hoover gives head and wraps her long tongue around a white cock.

I can’t say enough about my tongue, and how talented I am at using it to stimulate a guys cock. I have been told that my blowjobs are amazing. All I know is that I can get a guy to bust a nut every time I suck a cock. I guess practice makes perfect, and I have sucked a lot of dick.

Long nailed, Cece Hoover licks cum after giving deep throat.

I love facials! Titty cum baths are good too. You can cum in, on, or any way you want with me. The feel of a man’s sperm in, or on my body, is so sensual. My pussy gets wet and creamy when I sexually please my fuck buddy. Enjoy my video clips and please check back for all my photo and video updates.

Here To Please!

Ebony Milf, Cece Hoover is a succulent ebony babe.

Hi everyone! I am a bisexual, thick ebony woman with a talent for, and love of oral sex. I eat pussy and suck cock, and I am good at it! I have thick succulent lips and a very talented tongue as you will see in my video clips. My pussy lips are large and succulent too.

Big tit ebony BBW, Cece Hoover

As a thick ebony women, I have a big booty, and enjoy fucking doggy style. With my big soft ass to pound against, and meaty labia lips wrapped around a cock as it penetrates deep in pussy, guys go crazy and hump the shit out of me. I just love it!

Big tit ebony milf with pierced nipples.

My tits are all natural 40C with with dark aerolas and erect pierced nipples. I revel in having my tits fondled, and I enjoy pleasing a guy by giving him a titty fuck with my soft pillowy boobs. What really gets me wet is having my nipples licked and sucked on.

Cece Hoover sucks a white cock,
I have a very talented tongue too. I can wrap and swirl it around a guys cock while I am giving him deep throat. In combination with my succulent lips, I give a blowjob that a guy will never forget. Women enjoy how I use my tongue to tickle and massage their clit too.

Cece Hoover wraps her thick lips around a white cock.
Some women don’t enjoy sucking cock and think it is demeaning. I don’t! I enjoy it because I know I am controlling, and pleasing the guy. It gives me intense sexual pleasure. I enjoy the feel a man’s cock deep in my throat with my thick lips wrapped around the base of his dick. When I make a guy cum after giving him the best head he ever had I can have a very intense orgasm.

Cum covered Cece Hoover.

Make sure you check back regularly for my photo updates of my sexual activities. And, do not forget to check out my messy, deep sloppy blowjob clip. I give great head!