The succulent ebony milf.

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Up-Close Blowjob

A close-up of Cece Hoover sucking a white dick with her thick red lips.
I take great pride in my talent for giving deep sloppy head, and I wanted everyone who hasn’t experienced one of blowjobs to get a up-close and personal perspective. I know it is not the same as having my succulent lips wrapped around your cock, and my serpentine tongue licking and teasing your hard dick. But,… you can dream, and I do most of my videos POV style so you can fantasize about me sucking your dick.

Cece Hoover, the ebony milf uses her serpentine tongue on a white dick.
My tongue is the major advantage I have over all other deep throat cock suckers. I curve it like a spoon to wrap around the underside of a guys cock, as I repeatedly take it deep in my throat tickling his balls with the tip. When I pull it out to take a breath, I swirl my tongue around the head of his dick, like a snake wrapping around its prey. I want to extract the sexual juices from your balls with my curved tongue, and succulent lips.

Cece Hoover is wearing glasses and wrapping her succulent red lips around a big white dick.
Then there is my thick succulent lips! Like most ebony women, they are thick ebony lips, perfect for giving head. Guys always say white girls are bad at giving head, and with pencil thin lips, it does not surprise me that white girls are horrible cock suckers. Why do you think they inject their lips with collagen? They want luscious, full lips that are succulent, like mine. With my serpentine tongue, and thick luscious lips wrapped around your cock, you will be titillated with my depravity for giving head.

Ebony milf deep throats a white cock.
Did I mention that I can deep throat? Just image having my succulent lips wrapped tightly around your dick, and my tongue spooning the underside of your cock. Then, I let you drive your dick deep in my throat as I tickle your balls with the tip of my tongue while you rub my tonsils with the head of your cock. Well,..I can guarantee you will get the best deep sloppy blow job you have ever had.

Cece Hoover takes a load of cum on her face, and big black tits.
I well expect you to gave me your cum. You can cum in my mouth, on my face, or on my big tits and pierced nipples. I want to be drenched in cum! You can watch my cock sucking and deep throating by going to the clip store. Bob is an expert on cock suckers, and if I am not your cup of tea, you may find some other ebony cock suckers that interest you. There are a few white girls there, but they are crappy.

Tonguing Cock

Cece Hoover's succulent lips and big tits.

I am back for more big tit, long tongue, cock sucking action. I am a black BBW that is very comfortable with my body, and I love sex. There are many ways I can please a guy. My big natural tits, with pierced nipples are perfect for a titty fuck. I crave the feel of warm sticky cum sprayed on my soft boobs and erect nipples. Did I mention that sucking dick is my favorite? I am damn good at it too! I also have long, meaty, labia lips that wrap around a cock when I get fucked, or, a guy or girl eats my pussy.

High heeled, thick ebony milf showing off her voluptuous calves and thighs.

If you are a fan of thick ebony woman, I am a black milf with voluptuous legs, and a firm, but soft booty. I enjoy showing off my sexy legs in a short skirt and high heels when I spend an evening out at the club. When I am out for an evening of partying in a tight revealing outfit, I always get offers to enjoy a night of sexual debauchery, from both men and women. Well?… Maybe it is just my bubbly and highly sexual personality that is a turn-on. HeHe!

Ebony milf tongues a white cock with her long tongue.

Guys love my thick succulent lips wrapped around their cock, and how I use my long tongue to stimulate the underside of their dick when I give them deep sloppy head. I have a passion for sucking a hard cock, and being covered in cum. Giving an excellent deep sloppy blowjob with my thick luscious lips, and serpentine tongue gets me what I crave. Cum!

Cece Hoover gives head and wraps her long tongue around a white cock.

I can’t say enough about my tongue, and how talented I am at using it to stimulate a guys cock. I have been told that my blowjobs are amazing. All I know is that I can get a guy to bust a nut every time I suck a cock. I guess practice makes perfect, and I have sucked a lot of dick.

Long nailed, Cece Hoover licks cum after giving deep throat.

I love facials! Titty cum baths are good too. You can cum in, on, or any way you want with me. The feel of a man’s sperm in, or on my body, is so sensual. My pussy gets wet and creamy when I sexually please my fuck buddy. Enjoy my video clips and please check back for all my photo and video updates.