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Gift of Head

Big tit ebony milf with succulent red lips.
Naughty black babe with thick red lips.
Some might say that Christmas is more of a sentimental time, than a sexual time. I don’t agree! I get into the Holiday spirit by painting my long finger nails and succulent lips a bright red, and then dressing provocatively in my tight Ms. Claus outfit with my boobs popping out. It is so much fun, and I know I am going to give so many people joy, happiness, and a lot of pleasure. It is so much fun giving to satisfy the needs of others.

Cece Hoover gives the gift of head.
Cece Hoover, the ebony milf please a white cock with her thick red lips.
M. Hoover gives the gift of one of her deep sloppy blowjobs.
My favorite gift to give is one of my deep sloppy blowjobs. With my thick lips, talented tongue, and deep throat skills I create one of the most memorable gifts anyone could receive for Christmas. Nobody is ever disappointed and they are always extremely satisfied. It’s the kind of gift that gives back too. I receive a load of cum for giving the fantastic gift of head.

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Up-Close Head

Cece Hoover gives a deep sloppy blow job.

Ebony milf wraps her long tongue around a white cock.
I have a talent that very few women can compete with. I give the best deep sloppy blow jobs, and they are a favorite among all of my guy friends. When I suck a guys dick, the intense pleasure he receives from my thick lips wrapped around his cock as I tickle his dick with my tongue, leaves him paralyzed from the sensation. And, I don’t stop until I get the load of cum I want. If you need proof of my talent, check-out my cock sucking videos in the BlowBob Clip Store.

Pumpkin Head

Cece Hoover gives a Halloween treat with her pumpkin head blow job.

I love Halloween, and dressing up. I had this idea of dressing as a ghoul with a pumpkin head that gives blow jobs, and sucks the sperm juices from her victims. I wanted to offer one of my deep sloppy blow jobs as a Halloween treat for my special guy friends. I searched everywhere, and finally found this scary pumpkin mask. I had to make a hole in it so the guys could stick their dicks in my mouth.

Thick lipped Cece Hoover gives a Halloween treat to a cock with her orange lips.

After I scared the shit out of them, and removed the mask, they got a very succulent Halloween treat with my thick orange lips wrapped around their cock as I gave them head. It is one of my tricks, to give a guy a Halloween treat he will never forget.

Cece Hoover gives head to a white cock as her Halloween treat.

Another trick, and treat, is using my serpentine tongue to take control of my victim. They succumb to my enchanting oral prowess and I take control of their sexual being. Not to mention, that they give me their sexual nectar.

Long tongue black milf gives succulent blowjob.

Give a guy good head, and you own them! They will always be enslaved to your captivating oral expertise. Trust me! My cock sucking skills have subjugated many a man.

Cum sucking Halloween bitch.

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Up-Close Blowjob

A close-up of Cece Hoover sucking a white dick with her thick red lips.
I take great pride in my talent for giving deep sloppy head, and I wanted everyone who hasn’t experienced one of blowjobs to get a up-close and personal perspective. I know it is not the same as having my succulent lips wrapped around your cock, and my serpentine tongue licking and teasing your hard dick. But,… you can dream, and I do most of my videos POV style so you can fantasize about me sucking your dick.

Cece Hoover, the ebony milf uses her serpentine tongue on a white dick.
My tongue is the major advantage I have over all other deep throat cock suckers. I curve it like a spoon to wrap around the underside of a guys cock, as I repeatedly take it deep in my throat tickling his balls with the tip. When I pull it out to take a breath, I swirl my tongue around the head of his dick, like a snake wrapping around its prey. I want to extract the sexual juices from your balls with my curved tongue, and succulent lips.

Cece Hoover is wearing glasses and wrapping her succulent red lips around a big white dick.
Then there is my thick succulent lips! Like most ebony women, they are thick ebony lips, perfect for giving head. Guys always say white girls are bad at giving head, and with pencil thin lips, it does not surprise me that white girls are horrible cock suckers. Why do you think they inject their lips with collagen? They want luscious, full lips that are succulent, like mine. With my serpentine tongue, and thick luscious lips wrapped around your cock, you will be titillated with my depravity for giving head.

Ebony milf deep throats a white cock.
Did I mention that I can deep throat? Just image having my succulent lips wrapped tightly around your dick, and my tongue spooning the underside of your cock. Then, I let you drive your dick deep in my throat as I tickle your balls with the tip of my tongue while you rub my tonsils with the head of your cock. Well,..I can guarantee you will get the best deep sloppy blow job you have ever had.

Cece Hoover takes a load of cum on her face, and big black tits.
I well expect you to gave me your cum. You can cum in my mouth, on my face, or on my big tits and pierced nipples. I want to be drenched in cum! You can watch my cock sucking and deep throating by going to the clip store. Bob is an expert on cock suckers, and if I am not your cup of tea, you may find some other ebony cock suckers that interest you. There are a few white girls there, but they are crappy.

Sharing Cock

Two big tit ebony babes ready to give head to a white cock.

I have a bisexual girlfriend that loves to eat pussy and suck cock. I told her about my shoots and she wanted to try it. She has never given head to a white dick and wanted to join me in doing a blow job threesome. I sent my photographer her photos and he was impressed with her thick full lips and natural boobs, so he agreed to do the shoot. Knowing him, he just wanted to get his dick sucked by two thick lipped chicks.

Ebony lesbians french kissing and swapping tongues.

My girlfriend and I sucked face and swapped tongues before we took turns licking each other’s pussy. I am proud to say that my pussy eating talents are equal to my dick sucking talents. My serpentine tongue and succulent lips will make any woman scream with intense pleasure when I eat her pussy. This time was no exception! I spread her legs and worked my magic on her pussy. It wasn’t long before her body was writhing with intense spasms as I drove my long tongue deep into her pussy.

Cece's girlfriend forces her head down on a big white cock.

I went first sucking dick. My girlfriend watched and assisted. I am a expert at giving head, so her assistance wasn’t really necessary, but she forced my head down on the white cock so it went deep in my throat. I knew she couldn’t wait for her turn, as she observed, and facilitated me giving one of my deep sloppy blowjobs. I decided to stop monopolize the cock we were sharing and let her fulfill her fantasy of sucking a white dick.

Thick black lips wrapped around a white cock.
My friend got on her knees and took the white cock between her thick ebony lips. I grabbed her big black tits, and watched, as she began driving the cock in her mouth. She grabbed his legs so she could be in control, and only allowing him to go as deep as she wanted. She knew her blowjob talent was in her succulent lips and wanted to work the head of his dick with her lips.

Big tit ebony milf sucking a white cock with her thick lips.
After she had her fantasy fulfilled, we both sucked dick together. But, being the cum slut I am, I wanted to finish the job and took over as she watched. My oral talents were rewarded with a load of cum. Some in my mouth, and the rest on my lips and face. My friend and I sucked face, sharing the warm cum. Make sure you check-out the video clip.